When looking to make a new product available, the principle of practicality and authenticity must always hold! There are a lot of different products out there, but the big question remains: "how authentic and practical they really are"?

Why do you have a Zeltbahn? "Oh it has some really vibrant and bright colours, it looks nice at the camp as well. It's BIG enough so that I can change clothes behind it without intruigining Tommy Smith!"

But WHAT was the Zeltbahn exactly, to German Soldier? Some practical use were: a Pancho, a tent component and even a float. What is the use of a zeltbahn in such cases,  if the fabric is not even Water-Repellent.



Luckily for us, the new Zeltbahn is Water-repellent and also comes with all the accessories, if required. 

Written by Christian Debono — May 26, 2014

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