New Line of German Reproduction uniforms and militaria - Christian von Wohl

Day in day out, we look at ways of bringing new new authentic replica uniforms that contain features of the original militaria, or simply improve existing ones. A testimony to this is explained in the insight into the recently improved blue-gray Luftwafffe fabric, of which the Fliegerblusen have already sold out (but we're taking pre-orders for the next shipment).

We appreciate that some Luftwaffe gear is very hard to come buy, both as originals and also as reproductions. It has always been our wish to offer replicas of hard-to-find pieces, especially those related to German pilots and paratroopers. Our wish and yours, is now finally starting to materialise. 

Replica of Luftwaffe pilot and fallschirmjager gloves, with period vintage box.

The new line of clothing, branded "Christian von Wohl", is aimed at bringing to life replicas which are not readily available. This line boasts:

  • Patterns from original Luftwaffe Militaria
  • Period looking packaging and presentation
  • Authentic materials 

We are very proud to kick-off this line with 2 new items, Luftwaffe Pilot gloves and German Fallschirmjäger gloves!

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Written by Christian Debono — January 15, 2017

How do you go about updating an authentic product?

Wehrmacht uniforms were amongst the most mass produced garments of the war. The demand was excessive, the supply was not in abundance, and certain standardization were to be maintained. With many patterns and tailoring firms working for the military, a certain standards was enforced, but enough amount of variance was tolerated when approving garments fit for service, but that doesn't mean that workmanship was to be of any substantial lower quality.

Feedback from customers

Looking at the various reviews and feedback received for our blue-gray products over the past 4 years, there was 1 major area which reenactors wished to see improvements. We have received some very positive feedback about the quality of our line of blue-gray uniforms, which we are proud how. However, some reenactors wished to see improvement to the woolen fabric. It's not that our fabric is of low quality of not thick enough; but rather that the fabric could be more bluish in colour.

Blue-gray fabric reviews

Some of the feedback about our blue-gray uniforms

It is not that we were not aware of this. Being a Luftwaffe reenactor and also a collector, I appreciate your feedback. But when I started Luftwaffe Supplies with no external investment, a lot of time was spent to find the perfect balance of good tailoring, good hardware, and quality fabric. A decision was taken to use readily-available fabric, which still made it to our best-selling garments for 4 years. It was still authentic fabric, but it was amongst the grayish we've ever seen. 

Luftwaffe Supplies is now in a position to make this change, thanks to your stellar support and custom. After building strong relations with our tailoring firm, we have proceeded to commission new fabric for our top selling uniforms. I wanted to do this to the best of our ability, and there's no better way to do this, than to go back to analysis stage and study a wide range of original fabric to get the specifications.

Different shades of original Luftwaffe fabric

The different shades of original Luftwaffe fabric that were analysed.

Tens of original garments were analysed, from Wachmantel, to Fliegerblusen and side caps. Apart from the shade, the fabric also differs in thickness and composition - wool to acrylic ratio. (Yes even pre-war uniforms were not made of 100% wool, let alone wartime production). Infact, things got a lot more complex when comparing pre-war to late-war garments. At this point, a decision needed to be taken. It was observed that it would be best to go with an early-mid war fabric, which should give the best basis for uniforms serving on most of the fronts that we reenact.

After a lot of analysis and also a lot of help from fellow collectors, the biggest challenge still remained - the specifications for the mill to produce the fabric. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I decided to send one of my original garments to them, so that they can copy the fabric shade.

Months later, the fabric was finally ready. It was a welcome sight to see this project materialise. Finally, a truer Luftwaffe shade for my Fliegerbluse and Trousers offerings. The fabric was immediately sent off to the tailors, and on with the first batch of the new uniforms.

Luftwaffe fliegerbluse and visor cap for pilots and paratroopers

I am very pleased to have achieved this objective and that I am now able to offer you, fellow reenactors and collectors, with an improved line of clothing at Luftwaffe Supplies.

You can find a small note in the product page that indicates that the current stock is with the new fabric. So far the products with the new fabric are:

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Written by Christian Debono — December 27, 2016

Winter Parkas are still coming

It is high time I posted an update about our project for Heavy Winter Parkas. Things are in progress nicely and might be available by coming winter, with your help.

Written by Christian Debono — July 20, 2016

How about a live chat

I am happy to announce that we have integrated with a new plugin in order to make it more simple for our customers (who use Facebook) to ask quick questions or some advice.

It is still recommend that you use the email address for queries that require me to get back to you at a later stage (e.g. specific measurements), or if you want to place orders outside the website.

To start, simply tap on the Lightning icon on your PC browser, at the the bottom right of the screen. 

Facebook chat for Lutwaffe Supplies

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

New Year, more options

This is a quick note to let you know that the major credit cards are now accepted as a new payment option. We retained the same easy checkout process. Simply choose "Credit card" instead of the "Paypal" option, and proceed as normal.

O Tannenbaum - Thank you for 2015

As another year draws to an end, I feel grateful for all the experiences and interactions shared with the reenactment community, and for the knowledge that was passed to me by veteran enthusiasts and collectors, making this hobby better than ever.

With a huge sense of appreciation for the very honest and enthusiastic feedback received about the "Luftwaffe Supplies" project, Thank you. The past 3 years have been very fun and rewarding for me, as more re-enactors, both seasoned and new, entrusted us with providing items for their collection or impression.

Wish you all a Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Luftwaffe Christmas Dinner


Written by Christian Debono — December 23, 2015

Easter Holidays

It's that of the year where we take a break & go on a holiday. We would like to inform you that tomorrow morning will be your last chance to have your orders delivered before Easter.

Dispatch of new orders will continue on Wednesday 8th April.

Free Shipping on Insignia

In order to Celebrate the Day of the Luftwaffe (Tag der Luftwaffe) on 1st March, we're celebrating with a week of free shipping on all cloth insignia.

That's right. For just 8 days, we're giving you the opportunity to get your hands on insignia and shipping is on us. It's also the perfect way of checking out the fabric for our tropical or woollen uniforms.

This limited offer and will end on Sunday 8th March 2015, or until stock lasts.


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This uniform may not be for you

This new product, is not for someone who does not take re-enactment seriously; not for anyone who believes that he can do without training; neither for those who just want to rank and pimp up their impression, silly.

However, this is exactly what you need if you are serious and dedicated to your impression; if you invested in authentic field and service uniforms and want to make them last; if you are simply a hardcore Luftwaffe re-enactor who have been longing for a proper Luftwaffe drill uniform! 

Check out the Luftwaffe Drill HBT Blouse & Luftwaffe Drill HBT Trousers!

Written by Christian Debono — February 14, 2015

Christmas Day of a Luftwaffe officer - 74 years ago.

This festive season, I was going through some Christmas letters of a German Soldier on the Russian front, and the words were to hard to read. A soldier in Stalingrad had his Christmas leave revoked, whilst loosing all hope of seeing his loved wife and child ever again. The letters suddenly stopped, the Germans encircled and this soldier and many others never saw their homeland again. This was the reality of Christmas for many families, in 1942 - 72 years ago.

As hard as it was, it's not something I want to share with you today. In 1940, 2 years earlier and while the world was at war, some soldiers still managed to make it home for Christmas. This video is a testament to that, as a Luftwaffe soldier spends the holidays with his wife and children. In re-enactment, these are people we portray, and the realities they faced, some of grief, but others of hope and joy. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and peaceful 2015.


Written by Christian Debono — December 25, 2014