Custom Tailoring

Have you ever been frustrated because you could not find a size that fits you right? Very short or very long sleeves? Tight at the waist? Very broad shoulders? German uniforms were not made in t-shirt sizes (Small, medium, large, etc). There were a lot of soldiers' measurements to cater for and a wide array of variations had to be prepared.

This is exactly what we do. We offer tailoring for most of our uniforms. This does not mean we grab a large size and try to make it fit. No! A new pattern is made specifically for your dimensions and garment is carefully crafted so that you receive nothing less than our high quality uniforms, in the best fit possible. Due to this, please expect to wait around 8 weeks from order to have the items ready. It will be worth it.

Insignia Sewing

We appreciate a lot that you trust us with your uniform requirements for your reenactment or collection. We are able to help you out finish off your impression by stitching insignia based on period techniques for each uniform.

Sewing of insignia usually takes 1 to 2 extra weeks from date of order. These are done locally and is subject to the availability of the tailor. Drop us a message if you wish to supply your own insignia if it's not on the store.

Tropical Treatment for Uniforms

Luftwaffe Supplies is situated in the perfect position for the use of tropical uniforms. Right between Italy and North Africa, our climate matches that of the southern front, in which the Wehrmacht was fighting between 1941 and 1944.  

Our summer can harsh, but it's also a summer far different from that which continental Europe is accustomed to. Therefore, for the maximum authenticity, tropical treatment for certain uniforms is available for the summer period (May - September). This is a free service where the uniforms are exposed to tropical conditions which will help the uniforms fade nicely in the most natural and authentic manner. 

Treatment will take 1 month of daily exposure to sunlight, but carefully taking care of fading them with minimal shrinkage, whilst protecting them from dew at night. Because of this, returns are not accepted. All uniforms shipped are measured and the customer will receive the correct size.

How Shipping Works

I send and receive many parcels a month and I understand the costs incurred. We try to fine tune the lower weighted parcels costs. Let me explain how the rates change for the different packets we supply.

Shipping is charged in groups as follows:

  • 0-100gr
  • 100-200gr
  • 200-500gr
  • 500-1000gr

The changes between each rate is considerable, as per the local postal service. However, going over 1kg, the additional cost per ever kilo added is usually a minor €2 to €4 in most cases.

This means that it's great to combine orders for many items for you and your friends, so that you can save extensively on shipping.

Special postage for Cloth Insignia and posters

As of 2024, we are still offering shipping without tracking on all cloth insignia and posters in the store for €5.00. No minimum amounts, no country limits.