My passion for World War 2 comes from the stories I was exposed by my two grandfathers who have served in the Merchant Navy and the Royal Malta Artillery. This has subsequently been re-enforced by stories about the London Blitz by my grandmother, the Air Battle for Malta and by experiences of veterans in other theaters of war. But while in Malta, the British have left their mark, it was exciting to learn more about the German part during the war, in particular Luftwaffe uniforms.
With years of experience in the German re-enactment scene, I strive to bring quality products as close to the originals as possible. It is always my priority that the customers know exactly what they’re buying, as to avoid unpleasant surprises once they receive the items.
That is why a lot of energy is put into bring you high-resolution photo galleries and to keep the website layout and navigability as easy as possible.

My expertise lies within uniforms and equipment used in southern Europe and Tropical regions. You can rest assured that you won’t find any fantasy items here and I won’t list any article that I am not confident about. This will ensure that you will be wearing the proper uniform, as a ww2 soldier would have. I also offer a personalised service and can help you with any requests you have about WW2 uniforms and equipment, both for Allies and Axis. Most uniform pieces can also be tailored fit to the customers need.
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