This festive season, I was going through some Christmas letters of a German Soldier on the Russian front, and the words were to hard to read. A soldier in Stalingrad had his Christmas leave revoked, whilst loosing all hope of seeing his loved wife and child ever again. The letters suddenly stopped, the Germans encircled and this soldier and many others never saw their homeland again. This was the reality of Christmas for many families, in 1942 - 72 years ago.

As hard as it was, it's not something I want to share with you today. In 1940, 2 years earlier and while the world was at war, some soldiers still managed to make it home for Christmas. This video is a testament to that, as a Luftwaffe soldier spends the holidays with his wife and children. In re-enactment, these are people we portray, and the realities they faced, some of grief, but others of hope and joy. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and peaceful 2015.


Written by Christian Debono — December 25, 2014

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