Some have asked for it, while others have been waiting for it ... for some years.

We were asking your very same questions. How come these were never reproduced for the re-enactment and collecting community, in good deatail? The reason we could thing of is that nobody would want to risk making a thousand batches of these uniforms, for the few of us who truly want to to get it right and appreciate the this kind of garments.

The wait is over. We will soon enjoy the proper Summer denim (HBT) uniform of the Luftwaffe, for continental Europe. Have been used extensively by Fallschirmjager, Field Divisions and Herman Goering Troops, this uniform has seen service in Italy, France, Normandy and the Eastern Front.

We have the right pattern and the material for a very small amount. We ask those who are interested in a batch to subscribe to the newsletter to be alerted when I will be taking official pre-orders. You can also drop a message to reserve your slot. Be aware, we only have material for 15 sets.


Written by Christian Debono — August 11, 2013


Dan Howell:

I am definitely buying a set when they are ready.

September 03 2016 at 03:09 PM

Terry Hulett:

I would like to purchase a set when available, I am looking for a fliegerbluse in HBT in the correct Luftwaffe color, and a pair of HBT trousers in the correct reed green color. The Fliegerbluse needs to be in US size 52 as I have a wide chest, and I would prefer trousers in US size 44 so I have plenty of room to move in.

February 16 2018 at 05:02 PM

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