As a re-enactor, my interest and that of many others, has always been about putting the right impression for the period I am portraying. Studies and research is constantly ongoing, coupled with the acquisition and evaluation of original uniforms and equipment. The market today offers a wide array of product but it's difficult to inspect. There's more items than we can ever hope to check out, but when choosing a supplier to go to, it's usually down to the one who's open and transparent about the products, well inform and focused on the topic.

However, experience teaches, and when trying to source some new equipment, it's still quite often a shot in the dark with many suppliers. The images on the product pages are not always detailed enough and usually just from one high-level perspective. No historical background is usually given and purchases for many of us are based upon instinct, hoping that once the package arrives, we receive a product that is close to our expectations as possible.

It should not be like that. Re-enactors and collectors must know exactly what they're getting and feel confident that they will always get their value for money. They go by the saying "Buy once, Buy well", thus the equipment must be authentic, based on original pieces and accompanied by detailed information about the construction and the period use of the item. This has always been the founding ideology of the "Luftwaffe Supplies" project.

It has been a year since this dream of mine became a reality. I am very proud of the products offered on this website. These uniforms and equipment are often compared to original, with side by side shots. We believe that our products must be either of high-quality with European-standard quality checks, or they don't feature at all. Our uniform runs are in small batches, allowing us to carefully inspect every individual item and make micro arrangements where necessary, based on your feedback.

If you have any questions about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch via email or on the Luftwaffe Supplies Facebook Page

Written by Christian Debono — September 14, 2013

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