Day in day out, we look at ways of bringing new new authentic replica uniforms that contain features of the original militaria, or simply improve existing ones. A testimony to this is explained in the insight into the recently improved blue-gray Luftwafffe fabric, of which the Fliegerblusen have already sold out (but we're taking pre-orders for the next shipment).

We appreciate that some Luftwaffe gear is very hard to come buy, both as originals and also as reproductions. It has always been our wish to offer replicas of hard-to-find pieces, especially those related to German pilots and paratroopers. Our wish and yours, is now finally starting to materialise. 

Replica of Luftwaffe pilot and fallschirmjager gloves, with period vintage box.

The new line of clothing, branded "Christian von Wohl", is aimed at bringing to life replicas which are not readily available. This line boasts:

  • Patterns from original Luftwaffe Militaria
  • Period looking packaging and presentation
  • Authentic materials 

We are very proud to kick-off this line with 2 new items, Luftwaffe Pilot gloves and German Fallschirmjäger gloves!

View the Christian von Wohl Collection!

Written by Christian Debono — January 15, 2017


Jerome Healy:

Would you consider doing a WL M42 greatcoat, you know, the one withthe big collar. I just cant get one anywhere. There are Heer ones available but no Luftwaffe ones. I do Ostfront impressions.

January 24 2017 at 12:01 PM


Hi have you considered producing a early war smock, plain green 1st type with pockets or a Splinter b type 2 smock as I cannot find anywhere in the world that has them in stock.

April 25 2018 at 12:04 AM

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