Tropical uniforms may not be the most flattering uniforms from the Third Reich era. However, back when I was introduced to re-enactment, the Luftwaffe Tropical uniform was mandatory for my Fallschirm-Brigade Ramcke impression. As you can expect, this is this the uniform I’ve spent most of the time in (and still do) appreciating its practicality, when done right.

Throughout the years, I must have owned and worn at least 25 pieces from vendors all over the globe. I’ve experienced first hand some of the issues with these uniforms, both in terms of practically and authenticity. due to this, paired with my growing passion for German Militaria, this has become one of the uniform I’ve spent time researching the most. 

Throughout this series of articles, I intend on sharing with you my findings from these studies and give you pointers of what are common faults in today reproductions and how to avoid them.

Some areas that I will be covering in this series are:

  • Why tightening straps don’t work well;
  • What does tropical insignia look like, and why;
  • The colour of the fabric;
  • Incorrect back waist leads to incorrect fit;
  • And what makes the trousers perfect for hot climate.

Luftwaffe ground troops wearing tropical uniform in the mediterranean theatre

I have studied details and patterns from the original and went back to the drawing board so that I can wear the most authentic Luftwaffe Tropical Uniform. You can say that this quest to create the perfect replica has become personal!

Written by Christian Debono — August 15, 2017


Dan Howell:

Interested in seeing what you learned in all your research and experiences with original gear..

August 18 2017 at 06:08 AM

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