Christmas Day of a Luftwaffe officer - 74 years ago.

This festive season, I was going through some Christmas letters of a German Soldier on the Russian front, and the words were to hard to read. A soldier in Stalingrad had his Christmas leave revoked, whilst loosing all hope of seeing his loved wife and child ever again. The letters suddenly stopped, the Germans encircled and this soldier and many others never saw their homeland again. This was the reality of Christmas for many families, in 1942 - 72 years ago.

As hard as it was, it's not something I want to share with you today. In 1940, 2 years earlier and while the world was at war, some soldiers still managed to make it home for Christmas. This video is a testament to that, as a Luftwaffe soldier spends the holidays with his wife and children. In re-enactment, these are people we portray, and the realities they faced, some of grief, but others of hope and joy. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and peaceful 2015.


Written by Christian Debono — December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas

As 2014 draws to an end, it's the time were many evaluate the year. So did I and it's also the perfect time to thank you for being a LWS customer. I believe that this year was an exciting one, one which more brought new relations with new groups, new uniforms and improved on existing ones. In this newsletter, we will also review some of the top selling items for this year and also a sneak peek at new developments for 2015.

December 2014 Newsletter 

Shipping throughout the festive will continue only stop between 25th till 28th December, and from 1st till the 4th January 2015. We're doing our best to ship out the orders asap to reach you in good time.

Written by Christian Debono — December 21, 2014

Luftwaffe troops serving in Mountain regions (Gebirgstruppen)

On 19.12.1938, The Luftwaffe started issuing their own version of Uniforms and gear for mountain service. Very Similar to the Army Gebirgstruppen gear, the Luftwaffe versions were made from Blue-gray wool instead of fieldgray. These were welcomed by Flak and signals unit attached to other gebirgstruppen operating in mountainous regions.

Luftwaffe gebirgstruppen in Fliegerbluse

These changes were also reflected in the Luftwaffe Soldbuch and a special section section was added to record issue of such clothing. The reproduction of the Luftwaffe soldbuch available on LWS also features this important section.


Luftwaffe Soldbuch for gebirgsdienst

Written by Christian Debono — December 19, 2014

Supplies inbound

While in the mediterranean theatre, the re-enactment scene takes a bit of a break, the events in mainland Europe and the USA are in full swing. This year I had the pleasure of being part of the Rockford ww2 event in Illinois, USA. 


However, might also have noticed that some of our best-selling items are currently out of stock. Do not worry. Ju-52s are inbound with improved uniforms and more exciting new products planned till the end of the year. Just keep an out on the New and Restocked section.


End of Summer Shutdown

It's that time of the year, where I go away for a few days and explore the wilderness beyond the shores of tiny Malta.


I would like to advise that I am able to post immediately orders affected by 11th September. Shipping will resume on Tuesday 30th September. If you're going to be at Rockford this year, make sure you pop by the camp of FJR6 to say hi!

Written by Christian Debono — September 10, 2014

2 year anniversary - Week 2

The LWS 2nd year anniversary is really close and I'm being extra nice. Perfect fit uniform tailoring service will be for free up till the 8th September.

Simply choose Tailoring from the size menu, and I'll get back to you with the requirements for your uniforms. It's that simple!

Now you can proudly wear a uniform that fits perfectly. Perhaps you want to start preparing for some Christmas Parties?

Written by Christian Debono — September 04, 2014

2 year anniversary - Week 1

It has been 2 years already, since this little project took off and the journey continues. It was the 8th September, 2012.

To commemorate this anniversary, I will be splitting celebrations over 2 weeks, starting on Monday. As from today till Sunday 1st September, you can grab some hand picked item which are on sale. Remember, all the items or sale are not items on wrong patterns. Some items may have some incorrect stamps or some minor variations from originals, however we now have added our authentic field gear for this week only!


Not just a Zeltbahn ..

When looking to make a new product available, the principle of practicality and authenticity must always hold! There are a lot of different products out there, but the big question remains: "how authentic and practical they really are"?

Why do you have a Zeltbahn? "Oh it has some really vibrant and bright colours, it looks nice at the camp as well. It's BIG enough so that I can change clothes behind it without intruigining Tommy Smith!"

But WHAT was the Zeltbahn exactly, to German Soldier? Some practical use were: a Pancho, a tent component and even a float. What is the use of a zeltbahn in such cases,  if the fabric is not even Water-Repellent.



Luckily for us, the new Zeltbahn is Water-repellent and also comes with all the accessories, if required. 

Victory in Crete week Special Offer

We have heard the term "Buy once buy Well". It's not always easy to get all the best uniforms and equipment at the same store, but that is the Mission here at Luftwaffe Supplies.

In commemoration of the hard-won victory in Crete in 1941, it's now even easier to equip yourself with authentic gear. Everything in the store will be going at 10% less (for orders over €100). To be eligible, it's easy. Subscribe to the newsletter via the box in the right menu, or LIKE the Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and new projects at LWS.

Code will be revealed on Wednesday 28th February (12:00 CET) and is valid until Monday 2nd June (till 23:59 CET).


The last of the Luftwaffe Tropical Clothing

Because continuous improvements is most important for us. Many of you are very happy with the stock we had so far, but we're very keen on making this even better.

Therefore, this is just a small announcement to let you know that Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic will not be stocked for the time being. This is because we are actively preparing a revised edition of this garment by improving the construction process and some features that need attention.

For this reason, we will not be replacing The tunics, but we are keeping a skeleton stock of trousers. 

Thanks for your feedback and understanding. For any questions, please send an email.