Victory in Crete week Special Offer

We have heard the term "Buy once buy Well". It's not always easy to get all the best uniforms and equipment at the same store, but that is the Mission here at Luftwaffe Supplies.

In commemoration of the hard-won victory in Crete in 1941, it's now even easier to equip yourself with authentic gear. Everything in the store will be going at 10% less (for orders over €100). To be eligible, it's easy. Subscribe to the newsletter via the box in the right menu, or LIKE the Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and new projects at LWS.

Code will be revealed on Wednesday 28th February (12:00 CET) and is valid until Monday 2nd June (till 23:59 CET).


The last of the Luftwaffe Tropical Clothing

Because continuous improvements is most important for us. Many of you are very happy with the stock we had so far, but we're very keen on making this even better.

Therefore, this is just a small announcement to let you know that Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic will not be stocked for the time being. This is because we are actively preparing a revised edition of this garment by improving the construction process and some features that need attention.

For this reason, we will not be replacing The tunics, but we are keeping a skeleton stock of trousers. 

Thanks for your feedback and understanding. For any questions, please send an email.

Written by Christian Debono — May 03, 2014

Customer Reviews

Luftaffe Supplies is being experienced by customers worldwide to bring all re-enactors together, sharing reviews and experiences is now possible on the webstore. For every product, there’s a page that customers can provide feedback about all the products, to help out the rest in the search for authentic pieces.

You can also leave honest feedback about previous orders as well. Check it out on your favourite product page.

With High resolution Pictures and customer reviews, everything is now Crystal Clear!

Written by Christian Debono — March 24, 2014

Original-grade Collar Tabs

Enough Trial and Error.

Why should finding a collar tab in the correct size and thickness be such a hassle? After 7 pairs of collar tabs, I decided to pursue a new range based on dimension from the original ones. The result is a large collection of the infamous tabs, that fit perfectly the Fliegerbluse and Greatcoat.

  • Fallschirmjager
  • Flieger
  • Flak
  • Hermann Goering(early and Late)
  • FieldDivision (early and Late)
  • Medical
  • Construction units
Luftwaffe Collar tabs like the originals

Outside the EU? We got you covered!

Shipping from Europe has it's benefits. Great shipping rates, fair shipping prices and virtually guarantee of receiving the package. Shipping outside the European Union might be slightly more expensive, however here's a perfect deal for you.

We have just updated the system to remove VAT for orders outside the EU. So now, those living in the U.S.A, Australia and outer European countries outside the EU can benefit from a constant 18% discount on all order of any price. 


Written by Christian Debono — February 01, 2014

Start 2014 on the Attack!

It's that time of the year were everyone tries to grab a bargain.

And not a bargain of Grade-B items. It's that chance to grab high-quality reproductions. In case you still did not make the leap and grab one of our uniform pieces, this is the opportune moment. Those who already are proudly wearing LWS items on the field, this is open for you as well.

But it's not a sale on left overs. We're going to let you decide which items you want to go on sale, which will include some of our top sellers.

Voting will take place from Wednesdays till Fridays, and the items will go on sale on Saturday and Sunday. Starting 1st January 2014, head to our Facebook Page, Like the page and Vote for which item you want to go on sale. 


Sale Round Items Voting Period Sale Period
SS Camouflage Uniforms 1st - 3rd January 4th - 5th January
Wehrmacht Uniforms 8th - 10th January 11th - 12th January
Insignia 15th - 17th January 18th - 19th January

Written by Christian Debono — December 31, 2013

Excellent Delivery rates for the Christmas Period

We are impatient when waiting for an order. We also understand that delivery times around Christmas are at the worst. We understand perfectly.

And because we do, we are making the extra effort to get all orders out of the door as soon as possible, usually within 12 hours of ordering. Shipping times are also excellent, with 4 days delivery from time-of-order to doorstep.

Written by Christian Debono — December 12, 2013

Improved Visor Caps for Christmas

When I started this project, the target was to challenge the existing products that were available to re-enactors and take them to a new level of authenticity. By studying original examples, and not other reproductions, the products on Luftwaffe Supplies are always converging to original quality, pattern, look and feel.

One of the processeses that was improved recently is the Visor caps. In fact, we are so happy with them, that we designed a special Visor cap maker label that one can find inside these caps.

We have almost all sizes of Flieger and officer caps in stock. Other piping on order.

Check out the Luftwaffe visor caps 

Written by Christian Debono — December 11, 2013

I've been a good boy ...

... so I'm taking some time off.

Therefore, temporarily, I will not be able to dispatch the packets within 24 hours.
Service will resume on 7th October. All communication will be continued on that day. 
When I'm back, I've got some more new items to show you :)

Written by Christian Debono — September 26, 2013

It has been a successful year

As a re-enactor, my interest and that of many others, has always been about putting the right impression for the period I am portraying. Studies and research is constantly ongoing, coupled with the acquisition and evaluation of original uniforms and equipment. The market today offers a wide array of product but it's difficult to inspect. There's more items than we can ever hope to check out, but when choosing a supplier to go to, it's usually down to the one who's open and transparent about the products, well inform and focused on the topic.

However, experience teaches, and when trying to source some new equipment, it's still quite often a shot in the dark with many suppliers. The images on the product pages are not always detailed enough and usually just from one high-level perspective. No historical background is usually given and purchases for many of us are based upon instinct, hoping that once the package arrives, we receive a product that is close to our expectations as possible.

It should not be like that. Re-enactors and collectors must know exactly what they're getting and feel confident that they will always get their value for money. They go by the saying "Buy once, Buy well", thus the equipment must be authentic, based on original pieces and accompanied by detailed information about the construction and the period use of the item. This has always been the founding ideology of the "Luftwaffe Supplies" project.

It has been a year since this dream of mine became a reality. I am very proud of the products offered on this website. These uniforms and equipment are often compared to original, with side by side shots. We believe that our products must be either of high-quality with European-standard quality checks, or they don't feature at all. Our uniform runs are in small batches, allowing us to carefully inspect every individual item and make micro arrangements where necessary, based on your feedback.

If you have any questions about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch via email or on the Luftwaffe Supplies Facebook Page

Written by Christian Debono — September 14, 2013