Free German Shoulder Boards ... Again

Once in a while, LWS throw a small offers to our collectors and re-enactors friends. And we're doing it now in High season!

With every purchase of a tunic, feldbluse or uniform set or coat, you will receive a extra shoulder board of your choice, Free of charge! Simply choose your preferred piping  from the product page itself.



Offer is available from Sunday 21st July till Sunday 28th July, ending midnight CET. 

Raging Summer

32 degrees Celsius in the United Kingdom!


That's the same as Malta right now. Things are definitely heating up. The woollen uniforms are a the nightmare for re-enactors in such hot summers. So why don't you switch to a tropical impression for a change?


We are have all the tropical uniforms in stock for the season, ready to ship in 24 hours.

Celebrating Worker's Day

While wishing you all a great day, I feel I should thank you for your custom and support. I am hereby offering a free set of shoulder boards with any jacket purchased, until midnight Sunday 5th May.


Feel free to choose any EM shoulder board made from the same material, available in the German Insignia Section. Simply leave a comment on which shoulder board you would like, in the appropriate text box during checkout.


Summer Approaches - Bring them on!

As summer approaches, German Tropical uniforms are more fitting for when woollen uniforms start becoming a little bit too much. The line of high quality crafted tropical uniforms and Gear is currently being increased.


DAK tropical uniforms are amongst the new items that have been carefully crafted from originals. DAK short and High boots patterns are in the final stages and are available to order. Manufacturing time is roughly 6 to 8 weeks.


Check out the German Tropical Uniforms section and ask feel free to ask about our customised tailoring options for those particular sizes.

It's been 6 months already

Thanks to who supported Luftwaffe Supplies throughout the past 6 months in any way.

The focus to bring you more authentic field gear and uniforms, is still the top priority of this website. With the same enthusiasm as when it was founded.


Now .. I'm off to continue working on some new projects. Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest updates on the Facebook Page

All the best for the festive season and 2013

Thanks for your support since the opening in September. It was my pleasure to bring you some great reproductions for you to enjoy.

Wish you and your families all the best.


We will be delivering presents (aka new stuff!!!) in January. Santa got hold up by bad weather and was grounded :) 

Written by Christian Debono — December 31, 2012

Winter is coming ...

Herr Goering and his staff are preparing a new batch of supplies for our lads on the ground. Now that winter is on the way, continental clothing are being crafted in the correct cut and using some nice thick wool. Detailed Jump trousers. 2nd model fliegerbluse. LW Coats for very cold days.

For our new fallschirmtruppen, jump boots that have never been on the market before. With 5 months in design stage, they feature all the correct fittings. 12 pair of shoelaces eyelets. Nailed leather sole. Ski binding groove. And in 100% genuine leather.

More information in the second half of November.


Written by Christian Debono — November 08, 2012

1 month already ...

My research in tropical uniforms has paid off. The initial batch of LW tropical uniforms was praised for being authentic, well made and reasonably priced.

Your feedback is very important me. That is why I have updated my stock with more of the same material, and also added more sizes.

For the month of October, I will keep the launch offer of free breast eagle with every uniform set. In addition, I will also be adding a high-quality EK2 ribbon.

Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic

First Post

Welcome to Luftwaffe Supplies. This store is has a focused inventory of re-enactment supplies, that has already been tested by re-enactment groups. I strife to bring you new stuff regularely, while consulting with the men on the field and collectors about the right products.

The page is freshly launched, so if you have any problems what with the checkout system, or would like to suggest or request specific items, please get in touch on

Orders via email can be made, and an invoice be issued.